A Christ-centered community

accredited through Christian Schools International

Monroe Christian School


In 2011, MCS earned accreditation after completing the Christian Schools International’s “Vision to Action.” It was a 3-year process that examined all areas of our school. From that process, Sight Improvement Goals were identified. We worked on those identified goals for 5 years. In 2016, MCS was re-accredited through Christian Schools International’s “Measuring the Mission.” A new set of goals was established, which the Board, Administration, and Staff diligently work through to further improve the strength of our school. This process will continue every 5 years.

The educational team at Monroe Christian School actively strives to improve this school for all students and their families by holding shared values and clearly communicating those values to our children. Each of our teachers is a life-long learner, and as such, they are continually researching and improving their expertise to encourage every student to be life-long learners, too. The MCS Board provides a place for and protects the work of the teachers and students so that valuable Christ-centered education can take place. Parents participate by bringing their children here to experience the benefits of this quality education in community and by supporting what happens here through active participation and volunteerism.

To God be the Glory!