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We ask each family to prayerfully consider donating an item to the MCS auction.

Monroe Christian School

Auction Item Procurement

Procurement Deadline – April 7, 2023

Each family is asked to prayerfully consider donating an item to our auction.  A successful auction depends on you.

How to Procure Your Auction Item

Procuring does not mean purchasing but rather generating. Unless you are so inclined, you need not purchase items to donate to the auction. Should you choose to buy an item or gift certificate, ask the merchant to match your purchase and you have twice the donation.

Procurement Basics

Keep your auction procurement packets handy; be sure to sign your name to the letter and put your name in Solicitor’s Name Box so you get credit for procuring the item. When you patronize a business, especially one you use regularly, ask them to donate.

Think broadly – what can you donate, what can your friends, family and acquaintances donate, and what can the businesses you patronize donate.

Be ready to answer questions about Monroe Christian School – who we are and what we do. Remember it’s all for the kids!

Ask for more than you expect to get. For example, ask for dinner for six. If you get dinner for four, that’s great.

Be sure you, as the solicitor, and the donor both fill out the procurement form completely. That saves lots of phone calls from the Auction Office to get the details.

If you have a great contact and want a custom letter mailed or faxed to a business, just ask us in the Office. Be sure to indicate:

  • Your name and phone number;
  • Name of the business, contact person at the business, their address, phone, and fax;
  • If you are asking for something specific, provide as many details as possible.

What if they say “No”? Sometimes they do; don’t take it personally. Sometimes they say all their donations are gone for the year – that would be 2023. Say you will come back after January 1, 2024. Do ask if they have any deadlines or make donation decisions only once or twice a year.