A Christ-centered community

Exploring an overarching biblical theme each year through songs, messages, Bible passages, and activities.

Monroe Christian School


Chapel is the primary place we engage, equip, and empower our students to live in our larger school community. We choose one overarching biblical theme each year and explore this through songs, messages, Bible passages, and activities.

In chapel students are empowered to:

  • share their gifts through song and drama
  • create cross-grade relationships by sitting with chapel buddies
  • memorize Bible verses
  • serve by running the sound and video equipment

We are equipped with the truth from a central message from the theme each week which is then continued in grade-level discussions in the classroom. Since we are all in one place hearing the same message, we are equipped with common understandings that help us use the same language to live in our community in unity.

Chapel also allows the students to experience “Church.” Even our youngest students learn to be active participants in the Body of Christ. We do not sit passively. We engage in worship, are equipped by the teaching, and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to go out from our school community to share the Good News with our world.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend chapel with their children.  Our annual Veteran’s Day chapel is sure to draw a crowd as we gather together to pray for our country and all those who have so selflessly served her.  Active and retired service men and women are encouraged to attend in uniform, and students are encouraged to bring mementos of those who have fallen or aren’t able to attend.  Veteran’s Day chapel is a truly moving and powerful event.