A Christ-centered community

engaging, equipping, and empowering God’s children for joyful service in His kingdom.

Monroe Christian School

MCS Faculty

Mrs. Enochs

Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten

Sue Jansons


  • Graduated from Calvin College – BA in Psych and Minor in Social Work
  • Teaching since 1998
  • Teaching at MCS 1998-2000, 2008-Present

I enjoy teaching at Monroe Christian School.  I like being part of a greater Christian community in Monroe.  I especially enjoy teaching the little ones about how God made them and that God loves them.  I enjoy camping, hiking, reading, and participating in book clubs.

Chasity Meyer


  • Attended Kennesaw State University – Art, and Gage Academy of Art – Classical Art
  • Teaching since 2009 (Elective Art/Art History, 6th – 8th grade)
  • Teaching at MCS since 2016

I love seeing the children excel academically and socially.  It is amazing how creative young children are in the classroom.  Having a positive impact on children through the Word of God is my ultimate goal for each child.  My daughter and son have both attended Monroe Christian School.

Miss Trombley



Courtney Haggerty


Hello! My name is Courtney Haggerty. I have 7 years of full time teaching experience. I have taught primary and intermediate grades and have been working with children for the last twelve years. I grew up in Monroe and did all my education here as well. After graduation I attended the University of Washington where I received my bachelors degree and my teaching certificate. I have worked in person and online over the last several years. I love seeing the growth of the young spirit

Some of my passions include, spending time with my own two children, cooking and continually learning new things. My children and I love to get out and hike around our beautiful forests and rivers. We have really gotten into camping this season to get out and enjoy what God created. My family and I are active on the worship team and children’s program at our local church. We love the opportunity to show God’s love through singing and discipling.

I look forward to working with you this year and growing alongside you!

Dorie Hughes


  • Graduated from Wheaton College – Elementary Education – K-8th
  • Teaching since 1982
  • Teaching at MCS since 1991

I love teaching at MCS because I can talk about God and pray all day long!  The administration and school board are very supportive, the teachers are encouraging, and the families are fantastic!  My four children all attended MCS for a grand total of 42 years of Christian education.  They all have many fond memories of MCS.  I’m looking forward to my grandchildren attending MCS.  I love to read, go on road trips, and bake!  My lifelong dream is to learn how to tap dance.

Leanne Sytsma

1st Grade

  • Graduated from Dordt College – Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education, Professional Certification K-8
  • Teaching at MCS since 1989

I enjoy the Christ-centered curriculum, devotions, chapel, and prayer with students.  MCS feels like family, and I love the commitment school families show in volunteering, support, and prayer for the staff.  My two daughters attended MCS preschool – 8th grade.  I was a teacher to two current staff members.  I love teaching reading!  I enjoy walking my dog, reading, traveling with my family, and making cards.

Deanna Bailly

2nd Grade

  • Graduated from University of Montana (Western Campus) – Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education
  • Teaching at MCS since 2006

I enjoy sharing the love and joy of Jesus with my students and helping children fall in love with reading.  MCS exemplifies a team spirit!  The staff, families, and students work well together.  They’re supportive of one another on a personal and professional level.  My son attended 1st – 8th grade at Monroe Christian School.  I am an avid supporter of T.A.P.P. (Teacher and Parent Partnership) both as a parent and staff member.  I coordinate the Scholastic Book Fair and MCS “South Wing” Potluck.  I enjoy reading, traveling, theatre, and musicals.

Elaine Obbink Monroe Christian School Administrator

Lindsey Briggs-Stronks

2nd Grade

My teaching experience spans across fifteen years of working with students in grades K-8 of all learning abilities in math, reading and writing. I taught English as a second language in South Korea, worked as a paraeducator in Tacoma (third and fourth grade were my favorite), earned a masters degree in teaching from City University in 2014, and was first hired as a first grade teacher in Tacoma.

It is an honor to serve the Monroe community, as I grew up and graduated from Monroe High School in 2003. I taught first grade for four years at Chain Lake Elementary in Monroe. For the past two years God has been knocking on my heart, as an injury from work granted me time to slow down and listen to Him. I am passionate about God and I am passionate about growing young hearts. I have not yet, until now, had the honor to combine the two. I am jumping up and down, clapping my hands with excitement like my four year old does when I tell him it’s movie night!

With the guidance of the staff at Monroe Christian School, and all of the wonderful things I have heard about all of you, I am confident my relationship with God will continue to burn like a wild flame that extends itself to my students.

Oh yeah, other passions of mine include: my family, drawing, writing, reading, gardening, photography, singing, and baseball…lots and lots of singing and baseball. 


Elaine Obbink Monroe Christian School Administrator

Elaine Obbink

4th grade

  • Graduated from Dordt College in 1986 with a BA in Education and a Minor in Art
  • Graduated from Western University in 1993 with a Master of Education

To this day, I enjoy taking classes and learning so that I can bring valuable information back to our school and classrooms.  I have been teaching at MCS since 1987 and have been MCS’s Administrator/Principal since February of 1995.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to teach or substitute teach in every grade level from preschool – 8th grade.  Each grade level offers interesting subject material while each stage of learning is fascinating.  I enjoy being an integral part of the learning process.  I enjoy those “aha” moments when ideas and skills click for students.  My daughter, Sydney, attended MCS preschool – 8th grade.  My husband Randy has served and continues to serve on the Finance Committee.  MCS: It’s parents, students, and school mission has become a cherished part of our lives.  When I am not at MCS, you will find me exploring a national or state park, taking photos, or spending time with my family.

Elaine Obbink Monroe Christian School Administrator

Jaclyn Waltman

5th grade

I am very excited for this school year to begin, and I can’t wait to meet you all! I hope your summer has been full of adventures and memory making! We’re going to have a lot of fun and learn all sorts of new things! I will work hard to make our learning come to life, so that you can enjoy the assignments we do together, experiencing what history was like, understand why math is relevant, and so much more. We will make our learning meaningful! I can’t wait to see your personality shine and to figure out the ways that you learn best!

I have been teaching for 8 years now. I just can’t keep away from it. I’ve had experience in both the public and Christian school setting in grades 3-6, in gifted programs, and as a reading specialist. I have quickly learned that there is no better place to teach than at a Christian school. It’s simply the best! I graduated from Northwest University in 2011 and have continued my education along the way to continue to stay sharp in my passion. Math is my favorite subject, but over the years, I’ve developed a love for reading novels and writing. One of my greatest joys is to sing and play the piano. This summer, I picked up the guitar, and hope to incorporate that into some of our learning. I am married to an amazing husband who is a whopping six foot, seven inches tall! He’s our strong, yet gentle giant of the family. We have two children, Emma (5), who will go to Kindergarten here, and Maximus (2). Together we have a lot of fun bike riding, hiking, camping, adventuring, and just being silly together! If there’s anything that involves adventure and the outdoors, count us in!

Heather Moses

6th – 7th grade — Math, Science, English (Vowac, Daily Language, Grammar)

  • Attended University of Washington (Undergrad); received Masters in Education with endorsement for Secondary Mathematics at University of Phoenix
  • Teaching since 2014
  • Teaching at MCS since 2015

One of the things I most enjoy about teaching at MCS is the feeling that we all belong to one big family – staff, students, and parents.  I love that MCS is a place where we care very much about students’ academic learning, but even more about their character and their relationship with God.  I really enjoy that I get to teach two of the most fascinating subjects here at MCS – Science and Math!  During the summer two of my favorite activities are hiking and riding my bicycle.  When I’m feeling a little less ambitious, I enjoy riding my motorcycle or just curling up with a good book.  I look forward to winter, despite the rain and colder weather, because that means snow in the mountains for skiing!  It’s sometimes hard to fit it into my schedule, but I love skiing and have enjoyed it since I was a child.

Eric Warren

8th grade (Bible and Social Studies/ History, English (Literature & Writing

  • Graduated from Calvin College with a BA in History (2004); Seattle Pacific University – Masters in Curriculum and Instruction (2012); Liberty University – Education Specialist (2016)
  • Teaching since 2005
  • Teaching at MCS since 2018

I enjoy the family atmosphere and the support of the MCS parents.  My wife is a second-generation graduate of Monroe Christian School.  She graduated in 1996.  Her father also graduated from MCS.  At this time, I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies because my life is full with my soon to be one year old son.

Elaine Obbink Monroe Christian School Administrator

Jessie Scott

Music Teacher

I am so so excited for this opportunity and to be joining what seems to be a wonderful community of families! Music has a way of healing, inspiring, uplifting, and uniting us; I am so excited to help bring more music into the lives of this community. I grew up in Lake Wenatchee just outside of Leavenworth (yes…the Bavarian Village…and yes it was a fun yet peculiar place to grow up). My parents were the directors of Tall Timber Ranch, a Presbyterian church camp, so I grew up in a rich and dynamic Christian environment.

I also grew up in a very musical family, however my own musical journey started when I was seven and started violin lessons. My grandpa was an amateur violin maker and he told his grandchildren that he would give us an instrument to play if we started to learn and I took him seriously. I fell in love with the instrument and have been playing ever since.

I graduated from Whitworth University in 2009 with a degree in music and an emphasis on music education. Since graduating from college, I have spent the past decade teaching music in a variety of different environments and performing in a number of local symphonies and bands. I am currently teaching Kindermusik with Joyous Noise Studios (based out of Redmond), and teaching violin with Kaleidoscope Academy in Snohomish. I live in Sultan with my husband and two daughters (Teresa -3.5 and Daphne – 16 months)

Elaine Obbink Monroe Christian School Administrator

Austin Van Belle