A Christ-centered community

building self-confidence, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills

Monroe Christian School

Junior High Program

Junior High is a big step in each student’s journey. It’s a time to explore individual gifts and begin to understand God’s plan for his or her life. It’s also a critical time to create good study habits and self-discipline in preparation for high school and everything that lies ahead.

Monroe Christian School’s Junior High Program is a place where students build self-confidence, enhance critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, grow in their relationship to God, collaborate with teachers who love them, and continue to discover and practice their unique talents.

Monroe Christian School is committed to providing the depth and breadth of excellent Christian education that challenges students to work toward their goals. Through a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is enriched by opportunities in athletics, art, leadership, and service, our students go from junior high to high school well-prepared for the challenge. All the while, students are building relationships here that can last a lifetime.