A Christ-centered community

Engaging, equipping, and empowering God's children for joyful service in His kingdom

Monroe Christian School

Monroe Christian School Board

The Monroe Christian School Board is responsible for guiding and governing the school. The MCS Board envisions MCS as a growing dynamic source of Christian education for our children and our community. It is the prayer of the Board that each student leaving MCS will be equipped to serve the Lord, to love fellow human beings, and to care for God’s creation.

The School Board is made up of six to eight members who show evidence of:

Their personal salvation by faith and daily walk with God.

  • Belonging to the community of Christ by holding membership in and faithfully attending and participating in the life of a church that is faithful to the Scripture and with whose teaching and doctrine and education is consistent with the school’s statement of faith.
  • Understanding the Reformed Faith as reflected in one or more of the following ways:
    a. Training and education in the Reformed Creeds
    b. Christian day school/or college training
    c. In-service or pre-service training provided by the school
  • A gift for leadership in administration, and discernment, and an ability to motivate and encourage others.
  • Understanding of and demonstrating support for the school’s mission, educational creed, purpose and goals.
  • Consistency between word and deed by enrolling their own children in a CSI school, unless an exception must be made for children with special needs.

Each year, two new board members are elected at the Semi-Annual Business Meeting to replace the two retiring board members. The Board is the legally responsible, decision-making body of the Society. It adopts regulations and makes policies concerning MCS. It is responsible for staffing, policies, standards of conduct, collection and dispersion of funds.

Monroe Christian School Society

The Monroe Christian School Society is the name of the corporation that owns Monroe Christian School. Membership in the corporation is comprised of parents who have children in Monroe Christian School and interested persons who submit a yearly membership fee and who meet the following two constitutional requirements:

  • Agree that the purpose of the Monroe Christian School Society is to establish and maintain a school or schools for the dissemination of instruction to children, such instruction should be directed toward the end that these children may occupy their places worthily in society, church, and state.
  • Agree that the basis of this society is the infallible Word of God as interpreted by the Reformed Standards (Canons of Dort, Belgic Confessions and the Heidelberg Catechism) and/or the Westminster Confessions. The Society is governed by the following guiding principles.
    • That all things have been created to the end that the Triune God may be glorified in and through them.
    • That God, by His wise covenant arrangement, has appointed parents to be responsible for the training of the child(ren) to the end that God in His glory shall be central and supreme in life’s total experience.
    • That the training of the child shall be continued under the parent’s responsible supervision in a school that carries out the basic God-honoring, God-centered program begun in the home.

The Monroe Christian School Society meets twice each year to elect two new board members, discuss the business of the school, and approve the annual budget. Its members must vote each new member into the society.